Porter Street Ales


Angry Bishop pump clip

Angry Bishop

4.4% abv

A full-bodied dark amber beer, with a fruity front endĀ bitterness and a soft dry spicy aroma and finish.

Available: January




Oval Six pump clipOval 6

4.3% abv

This light, golden Summer beer has a delicious crisp flavour, with a fresh fruit and berry aroma.

Available: June




Lobster Pot pump clipsLobster Pot

4.4% abv

A superb golden craft beer with a fruity, full berry finish and a dry hop aroma. Serve slightly chilled.

Available: September




Market Ale pump clipMarket Ale

4.6% abv

A delicious amber ale with a rich malt flavour and classic, fruity orchard hop finish.

Available: October




Half Moon pump clipHalf Moon

4.6% abv

An amber premium bitter with a spicy, slightly fruity aroma.

Available: November




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