Cwrw Glazed Pork Chop


Cwrw glazed pork chops

Added 05 August 2011

For the glaze: fry the pancetta in a large pan until crisp. Add the herbs, ale, apple juice and stock (or pork trimmings).

Simmer until the liquid has reduced to one-quarter of its original volume - this will take at least 15-20 minutes.

Whisk in the butter, a couple of pieces at a time. Once the butter has all been incorporated, pass through a fine sieve into a clean pan. Set aside.

For the caramelised apples: cover the apples with the sugar in a frying pan and cook over a high heat until the apples turn golden-brown and caramelise. Set aside.

For the chops: season the chops with salt and pepper and place in a frying pan over a high heat. Fry for 6-8 minutes, or until cooked through. Drizzle over the glaze in the final couple of minutes of cooking time.

Serve the chops with the caramelised apples and mashed potato.

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