Introduction & Ingredients

Brewing is said to be the second oldest profession in the world and the process has changed little over the last 300 years. To brew great ale you need to use the finest raw materials, from malted barley to a blend of hops, a good and reliable supply of water, and a specific yeast that will develop the style of beers you intend brewing.

We do not use any artificial additives or sugars.

At Evan Evans we use pale ale malt, malted from winter barleys and a range of coloured malts that give varying degrees of colour from light amber through to the darkest roasted chocolate malt. These malts give a variation of flavour from a traditionally light, slightly sweet malty taste through to the more powerful, biscuit and more intense flavours gained from the darker malts. Each beer has its own specific recipe which will include a mixture of malt varieties, with the predominant malt being pale ale malt, and then mixtures of coloured malt to not only give colour but to achieve the malt flavour balance.

We use a series of different hops from around the world to achieve the bitterness and residual fruity flavours associated with our beers. The hops give a distinctive bitterness and fruity fresh aroma. We aim to blend the flavours from malt and hops to produce a rounded beer, with balance. Each of the raw materials are analysed before being used and then added to the recipe in the quantities required to create the unique flavour of each of our brands.

245 Years of family Brewing